What Are The Pros and Cons of Dating A Female Doctor?

There’s nothing more fun and interesting than dating a female doctor. She commands respect and prestige from every one and is committed towards saving the lives of her patient. Apart from this, she has an attractive income or salary, which naturally makes her a perfect candidate for both dating and marriage. Here, discover more about the pros and cons of dating a female doctor.

Pros of Dating a Female Doctor

Comfortable and Relaxed Life: Needless to mention, doctors have a very attractive income or salary package. Irrespective of the discipline that they specialize in, female doctors earn a lot of money by offering consultancy, surgeries and other treatments to their patients. Hence, when you are in a relationship with a female doctor, you don’t have to worry about your finances and can lead a relaxed and comfortable life. Apart from this, female doctors are also members of the high-profile clubs and earn enough money to purchase all the comforts and luxuries in life.

You’ll Earn Respect: Doctors are highly regarded and revered in our society. Hence, when you’re dating a female doctor, you’ll automatically gain a lot of respect and attention of people everywhere you go. Over time, you will realize that your partner is deeply respected and loved by one and all and you’ll get much of their love and attention too.

Free Medical Treatment: Dating a female doctor also implies that you always have someone who can attend to an emergency situation in your family or even treat you when you are unwell.

Cons of Dating a Female Doctor

Erratic Work Schedules: Doctors need to attend to their patients on a daily as well as emergency basis. Hence, they do not have any fixed working schedule. This can be very annoying for someone who demands a great deal of attention, love and time from their partners.

Not Really Romantic: Generally doctors aren’t very romantic at heart. So, if you’ve planned a dinner& date for your female doctor partner then chances are she won’t really feel as excited as you do. In fact, she might even turn down the plan in case an emergency situation comes up.

Not Always Present: You need to exercise a lot of patience when it comes to dating a female doctor. She may have lots of social and prior commitments, which means she may not always be present for you. This can be rather annoying for someone who is deeply in love with their partners.