If You Start Dating a Doctor Can They Look Up Your Medical Records Without Your Consent?

Doctors need to follow a certain code of conduct and abide by medical laws and practices when it comes to treating their patients. They can access and use the medical records of their patients for reference purpose. However, they do not possess the right to disclose the details of your medical history and record to anyone else, unless required for treatment purpose. Thus, if you are in a relationship with a doctor then read on to find out whether they can search for your medical records without your consent or not.

Dating a Doctor

Dating a doctor has its own charm and advantages. On one hand, you are liked and respected by one and all and on the other hand, you are in relationship where your partner has little to no time for love and romance. This can be a rather difficult scenario for someone who is emotional and sensitive in nature. On the flip side, when you’re dating a doctor, he/she may offer medical assistance, treatment and surgeries in order to help you recover really fast or overcome your medical condition.

Can They Look Up Your Medical Records Without Permission?

Being in a relationship with a doctor can have its own pros and cons. However, another problem with dating a doctor is that he/she can look up your medical records without your prior consent. In fact, nurses, doctors and every other healthcare professional can access your personal medical history details for treatment and informational purpose.

Doctors do not posses and legal rights to access or look into the records of any patient for their personal use and without any prior permission from the individual itself. However, they can acquire medical reports online using their medical connections. But if doctors are caught accessing the medical records of any person for their personal reasons then it could be a serious offence. They may even be punished for their act.

As an individual, you may not want to share the details of your medical history and records with your partner, especially when you know that he/she is a doctor by profession. Besides, you may consider your records to be private, personal and sensitive or you may have had a serious drug addiction problem, which you may want to keep hidden from your partner. Given such a scenario, you may never ever want to share anything about your past medical history with your partner.